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Our family continue to keep the secret of Vin Santo, which does not consist in a specific recipe but in a natural and historic selection of best quality grapes mad by nature itself; the best quality grapes goes inside small wooden barrel within Vin Santo will born and grow: the caratello. Within these small barrels in decades or centuries there is a natural selection of the “Mother”, which is an important concentration of organic compounds and yeasts: the “Mother” manage the slow must’s fermentation of the wilt grapes: therefore, the final product has peculiar and different characteristics every single year and in any farm. Our historic “Mother” of Occhio di Pernice has 150 years.

Prugnolo Gentile: 80%
Pulcinculo: 20%

September 1996, third week; the grapes are harvested by hand from our vineyards Maturato and Vigna del Sasso, where we selected first Pulcinculo variety and, secondly, Prugnolo gentile, for a total of 3000 kg grapes. The harvest immediately goes through a wilting process on reed trellis.

After 7 months of wilting process on reed trellis, we obtained 700 L. of precious must with a soft pressing of the best quality Pulcinculo and Prugnolo gentile grapes, occurred in April 1997; the condensed must then goes in 75 L. caratelli. The “Historic Mother” then elaborate the must in slow and frequent fermentation for many years.ch.  

After caratelli are sealed at the end of April 1997, wine maturation occurred in contact with the “Mother” for 20 long years. We finally opened caratelli in April 2017 and we obtained a dense and oleaginous liquid from the slow mechanisms of nature; we then put the compound in a small stainless steel vat for a few months. This precious liquid was then put and registered in 379 bottles of 375 ml each.  

Alcohol: 13.50%
Total acidity: 7.70 g/l
Volatile acidity: 1.82 g/l
Total dry extract: 371.00 g/l
Adapter sugars: 284.50 g/l
Total alcoholic concentration: 28.13 ml/100 ml

This Occhio di Pernice can last for decades; the high concentration of alcohol allows the Vin Santo to long last, even if uncorked. Best temperature to serve is 14/16° C, it can be combined with dry sweets, with appetizers or with unique dishes; you can also taste it without food. In every single old farm in Montepulciano, Vin Santo was always offered as a gift of kindness and hospitality towards visitors, so every vine grower family would jealously keep Vin Santo like a treasure. Our Occhio di Pernice variety of Montepulciano’s Vin Santo is produced in just a few hundreds of small bottles: it has particular and unique characteristics, only due to the time of growth in our territory and due to our family will to keep unaltered the cure and passion for this product.


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