Today the company has about 22 hectares of land of which 16.5 vineyards and olive groves in 2 places at an altitude of 310 m. s.l.m. on the gentle hills of Montepulciano down towards the Chiana Valley, in the area that has always been defined as one of the beating hearts of the production of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. And 'The fact Caggiole, which was cultivated since ancient times the grapevine. There are numerous texts that talk about it and they attach to this location, along with other historical pales of Argiano and Cervognano, the birth of the production of wine in Montepulciano since ancient times, probably by the Etruscans, and certainly in Roman times. Some of the vineyards of the estate are among the oldest and most important of Montepulciano, but still intact and in full force to give us our best wines. In recent years, Podere Le Caggiole has experienced important changes, which led him to be a dynamic and attentive to the global community. Today at Podere Le Caggiole we live and work, convinced that they to keep the path traced by those who preceded us, rest assured that the love for our land and its features never end, but with an eye toward the future and toward the goal of highest quality.